Do you have a question ?

What’s this website all about?

Montrealweddingphotographers.com is a website that promotes some of the best wedding photographers in our city. The photographers on this website are professionals who have been in the wedding industry for at least two years. They know the business and they know how to capture the best moments on your special day.

How can I find a photographer that I love here?

Just head over to the Montreal Photographers page and do a search! You can search by budget, style of photography, language spoken or simply type in a keyword that relates to what you are looking for. Once you have found someone you like, email them and schedule a meeting to find out more information about their work. Then, fall in love with them and hire them for your special day!

Do the photographers here do more than just weddings?

Yes, probably. However, MWP focuses only on weddings. To get more information about them, feel free to check out their individual websites via their profiles.

How do I know if a photographer is a professional or not?

A professional photographer will take their business seriously as it’s probably their main source of income.A professional will also be a registered business and obey by the laws of their location. They charge provincial and federal tax, write up contracts to make sure that you (and them) are protected and take our customer service extremely seriously. They charge what they charge not to be annoying but because they know the value of their work. They are trying to make a living out of it and being a photographer is extremely time-consuming and expensive. They have insurance to cover, expensive equipment, websites,  assistants, a studio, transportation, travel expenses and so much more. For more tips on how to pick your wedding vendor, feel free to contact us and it will be our pleasure to help you out. Our blog (when it launches) will also be packed of goodies and information.

What’s the difference between this website and any other wedding website?

That’s simple. We focus on Montreal wedding photographers. Our goal is to bring out the best talents from under the shadows and allow you to find the photographers that fit your style and needs. Other websites will mash all of your vendors together in one place. That’s great when it comes to saving a little time but, you won’t get the best vendors that way. Those websites are based on who willing to pay the fee. There’s no background check done or anything. In order to be on Montrealweddingphotographers.com, we know them and how they work.  They are registered, professionals and work legally.

Do you have a blog?

For now, we do not. However, it’s coming.

I have no idea what my “style” is and what I’m looking for. Can you help?

Of course we can!! We pride ourselves on being able to educate couples the best we can. Simply send us an email with information about you and what you are looking fro in a photographer and we will send you our recommendations.

What happens if I hire someone off this website and I’m not satisfied ?

Photography is a completely subjective industry. Although unfortunate, some clients might not turn out being satisfied with someone’s work based on emotion, disagreements or miscommunication. Montrealweddingphotographers.com cannot control the outcome of a relationship between two parties after the initial meeting on this website. We are a neutral platform working hard to bringing quality people together. However, the photographers on this website are their own individual businesses and are not employees of Montrealweddingphotographers.com. Please take into consideration that, although a photographer can have raving reviews, they may not be a fit for you. It’s nothing personal. If you are interested in someone for your big day, please take the time to meet them and see if the chemistry (and their work) is right for you before hiring. Feel free to sharing your experience with us while using the website but know that we might not be able to do anything about it. Montrealweddingphotographers.com cannot take responsibility beyond listing who we think, are great photographers. We do take abuse (verbal or physical) extremely seriously, however. Please feel free to contact us and inform us of any abuse so that we can take proper action towards the photographer in question. Your satisfaction is our priority.

I have an idea to improve the website

That’s great! Please feel free to contact us and tell us all about it!

Have more questions for us?

Send us an email at hello@montrealweddingphotographer.com and we’ll be glad to help!

I’m a photographer looking to get inlisted. How do I do that?

We are always looking for Montreal photographers to get on our website. There are a few requirements. You will need to:

1)Have a registered business with the Registraire des entreprises

2) Have a proper domain name as your main website (not only a facebook page or Wix address)
3) Have been in the business of weddings for at least 2 years
4) Have a proper price list to allow clients to understand your pricing easily

If your business meets all these points, feel free to fill out this form.

Why should I inlist?

The reason we started MWP is because we believe that photography is important. We want to make sure that the right companies are at the top and that photography is valued in Montreal. Our goal is for everyone to educate, collaborate and cooperate.

1) Montrealweddingphotographers.com is the first listing to come out on google when Bride and Grooms are looking for their photographer.
2) Our team has been in the industry for over 6 years and knows how to reach out to the community.
3) Our blog will feature only Montreal photographers and their weddings to show off their work even more.
4) We plan to launch videos introducing all our photographers on their individual profile pages and launching events for bride and grooms to meet MWP’s photographers in the first year.
5) Our website is primarily image based, to attract bride and grooms who will hire you because they love your STYLE… not your price.
6) We are planning on launching a Service where Bride & Grooms will be able to meet us and we will match them to you so that you always get your perfect bride!
7) You’ll eventually have access to the main studio space to come work whenever you wish as a member.
8) We are really nice.

How do I become an official sponsor of Montrealweddingphotographers.com

Becoming an official sponsor of the website will ensure that you are on every page for people to see. Simply contact us and ask how you could benefit from this exposure.